Restarting an Important Piece of Grays Harbor History

On June 10, 2014, the Railroad Camp building at the Polson Museum in Hoquaim filled with smoke. Pouring out the doors and even the cupolas at the top of the cedar flanked structure, the smoke wasn’tpolson museum from a destructive fire to the historic building; instead the smoke was from the first gasps of life of an engine that hadn’t been started in over thirty years. As the haze cleared in the building, the sights and sounds of a 1933 Linn Halftrack were seen and heard in Hoquaim for the first time in over a generation.

For six months, Larry Wyrick and Lee Thomasson of Grays Harbor worked to rebuild a piece of logging history. Each Tuesday, the two would get together in the Railroad Camp building at Polson Museum, systematically cleaning and rebuilding the engine to one of the logging industry’s more iconic machines.  Read more here

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