From Field to Stream: Hunting and Fishing in Grays Harbor

By Douglas Scott

grays harbor tourismSince humans first entered the land now known as Grays Harbor, fish and game have always been abundant. From the rainforest to the old growth timber around the Wynoochee, the hills of Capitol Forest and the rivers stocked full of salmon, life thrived in this region we call home, providing food and sustenance for locals and visitors alike. Today, fish and game are still a popular attraction for locals and tourists from around the world. From kids to the elderly and everyone in-between, the world-class hunting and fishing around the beautiful lands of Grays Harbor are waiting for you.

However, despite ample options for hunting and fishing the region, finding information on where to hunt and fish around Grays Harbor County can sometimes be confusing difficult. The best spots are usually kept secret, and information that is available tends to be hard to read for those without a lot of experience. Luckily, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as other experts in the region, has put together an amazing selection of resources, all in hopes to help you have an amazing time fishing and hunting in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Read more here:

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