Grays Harbor ATVers: Growing and Going in the Great Outdoors

Today’s ATVers aren’t what they used to be. Gone is the image of the helmeted, mud-splattered teenager tearing through the off-road landscape. “It’s not about going out in the woods and tgrays harbor atvearing up the trails,” says JoAnn Haynie of the Grays Harbor ATVers. “We’ve never been people to go out and tear up the woods. We want to be responsible being outside, exploring and sightseeing and enjoying the outdoors with care.”

Montesano residents for over 50 years, Larry and JoAnn Haynie say Grays Harbor ATVers is an informal club with a common goal: enjoying the great outdoors and riding responsibly on All-Terrain-Vehicles.

“I like to get out in the open and putt along,” says JoAnn. “We love taking them (ATVs) out for a short little run around town. I drive in nice weather to the grocery store and do errands around town. Larry goes fishing. We like to take them out on the back roads and go on picnics, that sort of thing. They run on gas. They’re much more economical than a car.”  Read more here:

Larry and JoAnn Haynie of Montesano with their favorite off-road vehicle. Photo credit: Kristine Lowder.


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