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Tales and Trails of Lake Swano at Grays Harbor College

April 6th, 2016 by kelly

lake swano trail
The Alder Creek watershed serves as an educational tool in resource management to the Grays Harbor community.

Beside the Grays Harbor College campus lies an unsuspecting patch of forest. Concealed within these towering trees is the peaceful and serene Lake Swano, a lovely spot nestled in the Alder Creek watershed.

oly orthoIn the late 1940s, Mr. Swano Katalinich owned and operated a gravel pit along Alder Creek. While placing a road to the gravel pit, construction crews built a dam in Alder Creek, creating Lake Swano.

In the decades following its formation, Lake Swano inspired various educational and recreational interests. Grays Harbor College purchased the lake in 1962, and immediately put plans for trail development into place. These plans would not come to fruition for some time, however.

lake swano trail
A set of steps are all that remain of the Swano Katalinich homestead.

Alder Creek became an area of interest for the college’s fisheries program. As a result, the John M. Smith Aquaculture Center was constructed in 1987, and it was not until after its completion that the first trail was developed. This trail was installed for interpreting fish habitat. Swiftly following its development, steps to the lake were built beside the 800 Building, and a loop trail completed around the lake.  Read more here http://www.graysharbortalk.com/2016/03/06/lake-swano/

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