Busy Grays Harbor Fairgrounds Works Hard to Host Equestrian Events

When you think of the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds you may simply think of the annual county fair, but the event center is bustling with all kinds of activities from personal to public. There’s always something going on at the fairgrounds, and that means a great boost to the local economy.

grays harbor fairgrounds
Aaron Williamson pauses during practice to pose with one of his trusty steeds. Photo credit: Gregory E. Zschomler

Many family-friendly events crowd the months on either side of the popular August fair. Dog, horse and car shows; antiques, quilts and Christmas crafts; rodeos, swap meets, a home/garden show and tractor pull are just some of the events packing the calendar. And, when events aren’t vying for the weekends, the weekdays are sought after by local horseback riding groups such as the local Twin Valley co-op of the Washington State High School Equestrian Teams, the Grays Harbor Mounted Posse, and the non-profit Hope from Horses—all keeping the arenas and horse barns really busy.  Read more here:  http://www.graysharbortalk.com/2017/05/05/grays-harbor-fairgrounds-equestrian-events/

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