Searching For Sasquatch in Grays Harbor County


Shrouded in mystery and lore, the legendary Sasquatch is said to be lurking in the remote forests around Grays Harbor. Out the dense, primeval woods of the Olympic Peninsula where few people venture each year, the mythical, ape-like creature is said to be living, occasionally sighted by visitors and locals alike. Nearly everyone in Grays Harbor has had or knows someone who has had a Bigfoot experience
making this region one of the most likely places to encounter a Sasquatch. Deep in the timbered river valleys, the Grays Harbor region is the ideal place to possibly make a believer of even the biggest skeptic.

Author David George Gordon is a Sasquatch enthusiast, but also a proponent of scientific research and healthy skepticism. Photo courtesy: David George Gordon

Sasquatch sightings have been occurring around Grays Harbor for as long as people have been in the area. Tales from the local tribes tell of the C’iatqo, a large ape-like creature that roams the forest, occasionally tormenting and visiting locals throughout the Olympic Peninsula. The increase in population hasn’t stopped the Sasquatch sightings around Grays Harbor. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been at least a dozen reported Sasquatch sightings in Grays Harbor over the past decade, with many more not reported to this group.

David George Gordon, author of The Sasquatch Seekers Field Manual has been helping educate the region on Sasquatch and how to document your experiences. His book is published by Mountaineers Books with the goal of inspiring readers and Sasquatch enthusiasts to observe nature closely, gathering scientifically acceptable data and refining wilderness navigation skills. The goal of Gordon’s book is to help everyone become a proficient citizen scientist, hopefully helping to bring Bigfoot into the spotlight of scientific scrutiny.

“In my opinion, the entire Olympic National Forest and Park are easily walking distance for Sasquatch,” replied Mr. Gordon when asked about why the Grays Harbor region is a hotbed for Sasquatch sightings. “Not many areas have been trod as little as this corner of the Pacific Northwest. There is a lot of wilderness out there that isn’t visited too often.”  Read more here:

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