Tourism in Grays Harbor County brings

in more than $260 million in local revenue

ELMA, WA –  August 15, 2017 – The Grays Harbor County Department of Tourism is now accepting applications for a new grant program for “Major Tourism Attraction Grants.”

The grant program and it’s deadline:

Grant applications must be received by the Grays Harbor Tourism office no later than Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at 5:00 pm for the 2018 Grant Cycle.

Applications for this grant category include major festivals, events and planned activities/services that benefit the tourism industry in Grays Harbor County. Successful applicants of this grant category must show that the project will:

Create a significant tourism draw, or hospitality benefit, for a duration of five (5) days, or greater, within the 2018 calendar year and/or beyond.

    1. Bring in and/or support a significant number of visitors or attendees from outside a 50 mile radius; and will generate, or support overnight stays within Grays Harbor County for a period of five (5) days, or greater, within the 2018 calendar year and/or beyond.
    2. Have the potential to produce a total economic benefit to the Grays Harbor Community of greater than $50,000.

Under State law (RCW 67.28) Grays Harbor County receives funds from room taxes imposed on lodging facilities. These funds can be retained and utilized by the County for tourism promotional operations, or expended for projects and activities established by an eligible entity under State law.

Grays Harbor Tourism Major Tourism Project Grant Applications will be accepted from qualifying entities organizing tourism based events, activities and services within Grays Harbor County, except those that take place within municipalities that are allowed, by law, to collect and manage 3% lodging tax revenues generated within their own corporate limits, or those that do not pay into the County’s Lodging Tax system. It is preferred that grant funding be awarded to help promote tourism generating activities, events and services from October thru May, during shoulder and off-seasons, to generate overnight stays (heads in beds) and increase tourism activity within Grays Harbor County. However, this does not exclude new or existing festivals and events that take place during peak season.  Priority consideration may be given to shoulder and off-season activities.

“We are very fortunate that our County Commissioners have continued to support the funding of this and our two other Tourism Grant Programs. They understand that tourism is vital to Grays Harbor’s economic success,” said Kelly Peterson-Lalka, GH Tourism Public Relations/Office Manager. “Tourism results in more than $260 million of revenue and over 5,000 jobs for Grays Harbor County. When we support tourism, our local communities reap the rewards in tax revenue, jobs and community infrastructure. It is a win-win.”

Applications for grant funding are available from the Grays Harbor Tourism office. For more information, contact Kelly Peterson-Lalka at 360-482-2651 or




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