Seven Reasons to Visit the Loggers’ Playday September 9, 2017



Each year, as the kids go back to school and summer starts to wind down, the town of Hoquiam starts to buzz. Buzzing with excitement and the sound of chainsaws in the early morning air, the end of summer means the Loggers’ Playday is once again upon us. For one glorious Saturday, this year on September 9, this annual event celebrates our town’s logging history, raises money for great causes and brings the community together.


From 6:00 a.m. until at least 10:00 p.m., Hoquiam becomes the center of both Grays Harbor and the logging world. Since 1965, this event has been an incredible community gathering and this year will be no different. With seven unique opportunities to participate, you’ll have a full day of connecting with the history and neighborly spirit of Hoquiam.


For the past 52 years, the Loggers’ Playday has been held in one way, shape or form. While it went by other names in the early years, the constant theme of the event has centered on the industry that populated our corner of the world. Known for amazing lumber history, Hoquiam and Aberdeen were once the crown jewels of the logging world, seeing millions of board feet of timber pass through the streets.  Read more here:


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