Washington Clam Digging
While the best low tide clamming days may see some crowds, this is a truly Pacific Northwest experience. Photo credit: NOAA

How and Where to Clam Dig on the Washington Coast

Along the Washington Coast, the razor clam digging season is upon us. With the return of the rain and cold weather, hearty Pacific Northwest residents flock to the coast in hopes to get their limit of delicious mollusks. Considered to be one of the quintessential Pacific Northwest activities, clam digging is a fun, cheap and family-friendly activity that will provide delicious meals and incredible memories. Fun for all ages, all that is needed to clam dig is a permit, an implement to dig the clams and a container to put the clams in once you have found them. While that sounds easy enough, there are a handful of tips and information you’ll need to ensure a successful, safe and legal clam dig along the Washington beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Where and When to Go Clamming

Washington Clam Digging
Clam digging along the Washington Coast is a great family activity. Photo credit: Jason Walsh

Stretching from Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park down to the southern end of the Washington Coast along the mouth of the Columbia River, numerous destinations are available to clammers. While many clam diggers have their favorite beach, the most important thing is to ensure that the beach you are planning to go to is open for clamming that day. Before heading out, it is also important to check the time of the upcoming tides. The lower the tide, the better clamming. Because of this, most clam digging dates are centered around low tides. In the fall and winter, the low tides take place in the dark, when it is often rainy and cold. Spring tides allow for daylight clam digging with a potential for better weather, but most serious clammers go during the fall and winter season.  Read more here at http://www.graysharbortalk.com/2017/11/17/how-and-where-to-clam-dig-on-the-washington-coast/