Grays Harbor Mushroom
A local favorite, Chicken in the Woods is easily found around Grays Harbor’s forests. Photo credit: Douglas Scott

Where to Hunt Mushrooms in Grays Harbor County

All around Grays Harbor amazing outdoor opportunities await those who are searching. Some find solace in the rivers or along the coast. Others find their happiness foraging in the depths of the towering timbers, searching for delicious treasures along the forest floor. Grays Harbor County is home to some of the most sought after and delicious mushrooms in the world. From chanterelles, hedgehogs, morels, oysters, boletes, and chicken of the woods, the mushrooms in this corner of Washington State are extremely tasty and sought after. If you like to hunt for mushrooms – to sell, eat or just to look at – Grays Harbor is an amazing destination to forage.

Grays Harbor Mushroom
Once you have the skills and knowledge, finding a haul like this is possible every day during the fall. Photo credit: Terresa Taylor

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of mushroom hunting before starting this fun activity. The Puget Sound Mycological Society tells us that “Washington State is divided into numerous federal, state, local and Native American jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has its own rules (or not) and its own way of publishing and enforcing these rules (or not.)”

Knowing who to contact and what to ask can be confusing, but the Department of Natural Resources is usually your best step. Besides being able to direct you to the proper person to speak with, they also have information on harvest locations and limits. The National Forest Service is also an excellent resource, giving a straightforward guide to the rules and regulations of personal and commercial mushroom harvesting.  Read more here: