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Lake Quinault

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Depending on your experience and energy level on any particular day, the Quinault Valley offers more than 15 maintained trails for you to explore, from short hikes to extended adventure trips. Each trail offers a different perspective into the diverse features of the valley’s unique ecosystem, so you may want to hike more than once during your stay.

Ocean Shores

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Damon Point is a protected peninsula managed as a state park that lies at the southern end of Ocean Shores. It is home to threatened snowy plovers in the summer and snowy owls in the winter. Whales and seals can often be seen off its shores. Its beaches are a favorite for rock hounds seeking the pefect amber agate. Everything is windswept. The few stunted tress growing here rise twisted from the dunes. Old driftwood is regularly sandblasted leaving interesting shapes and patterns.

In the early days of Ocean Shores, the S.S. Catala was hauled down from Seattle following the World’s Fair to become the center of a marina on Damon Point. The ship was rolled in a storm and later scapped but the hull was left to disappear beneath the sands of the peninsula. The remains of the old ship remained hidden until a few years ago. Erosion from the bay broke through to the lake creating a new salt water estuary in the center of Damon Point and the remains of the S.S. Catala were uncovered in the process. A must see!!

More Great Hiking

For more information on hiking throughout Grays Harbor, weather and hiking trail conditions, and for a schedule of special hiking events in Grays Harbor, see the Olympians Hiking Club website by clicking here.
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